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Kayaking Activities in Goa: Location & Pricing Guide

Backwater Kayaking in Goa 2019

The pristine waters of Goa’s Arabian sea bordered by a golden stretch of sand has a lot to offer to all its tourists. Especially to all water sports fanatics, Goa is a one-stop-shop. There are various watersports that can be done in Goa both at sea and at the river. Out of all, Kayaking is the most relaxing sport as it helps to loosen up your body and mind. Goa offers various beautiful locations for kayaking both at beaches and in backwaters.

Sea Kayaking is completely a unique and exhilarating way to explore the splendid golden coastline of Goa. Similarly, River Kayaking gives an opportunity to witness the thick mangroves of Goa having a different feel to offer. So check out the best deals given below for Kayaking in Goa.

Exotic Sunset Kayaking In Backwaters

When it comes to sunset, Goa is one amongst the few places that offer the most mesmerizing colors in the sky during sunset which will leave you amazed whether you are spending your time in solitude or with your loved one. So embrace yourself to paddle across the narrow channels and witness the exotic sunset through the thick jungle of Goa.

Sunset Kayaking – Photo: Paolo Lottini
  • Where? The most popular location of Kayaking in backwaters is the one at Chapora river. The vivid landscapes can be enjoyed for at least 2 hours. The dense mangroves have a lot of to offer if you look through carefully. Various tour operators offer different packages and kayaks. Be well informed about your inclusions and precautions you have to take while you are enrolling yourself for this activity.
  • Pricing: A number of tour operators in Goa will have different packages with different prices but the most common package that should be booked ranges from Rs.1200/- to Rs.1600/- per head which includes two hours of the tour with equipment and safety gears with proper instructions before the commencement of the tour. Book: Sunset Kayaking in Goa

Enchanting Moonlight Kayaking

Moonlight Kayaking is something only a few get a chance to experience. Grab your partner’s hand to set off for the jaw dropping view of lake lounging in the silver rays of the moon. This tour mostly happens during the full moon days i.e. three days before and three days after the full moon.

moon light kayaking in goa
Moonlight Kayaking – Photo: Vanessa / Flickr
  • Where? Moonlight kayaking lasts for 3 hours and the most popular location for the same is Bambolim and Palolem. However, ensure that all you have detailed information about the usage of equipment to create hassle-free memories under the starlit sky with your loved one.
  • Cost: When you are enrolling yourself for moonlight kayaking with any operator, go through inclusions very carefully. There are tour operators who provide different packages at different rates for less or more duration of the tour. Your trip may be inclusive of Packed drinking water, fruits, juice, and snacks but it may cost a little higher. Depending on various factors, the best price for this tour may vary from Rs.1500/- to Rs.1800/-

Kayaking In Baga Creek

The nearest best place for Kayaking in North Goa is the lazy creek that is a tiny stretched tidal portion most commonly known as the Baga creek. It has some breathtaking views to offer to visitors. It is a narrow stretch that offers a view of the beautiful sunset with the radiant sky. The water is still and clear.

Kayaking Activities in Goa: Location & Pricing Guide 2024
Kayaking in Baga Creek, Goa
  • Location: Perhaps Baga creek is the nearest spot for kayaking that attracts a number of adventurers enrolling themselves for this activity. Baga is easily accessible by any mode of transportation and you can even indulge in racing with fellow companions as it is an easy straight stretch. So gear yourself up for some kayaking competition at Baga Creek.
  • Price: The Kayaking tour at Baga creek happens at a very pocket-friendly price. It may range between Rs.500/- to Rs.800/- and would last for 60 minutes. The operators have both single and double kayaks hence; you can pick one depending upon your preferences. So gear yourself up for some amazing kayaking session anytime during sunrise or sunset.

Kayaking At Mobor Beach


As we know, Kayaking is an unparalleled way to become one with nature. Another beautiful location for this activity is in the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea in the South of Goa at Mobor Beach. The magnificence of this sea will envelop you for a lifetime with is captivating views.

  • Location: The location of this beach is in South Goa – Mobor Beach and is located in close proximity to the airport and Railway station. Mobor Beach is famous for its picturesque view, especially during the sunsets.
  • Pricing: The package can be booked for Kayaking at Mobor beach or at the Sal River and is operational from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. It is easily bookable directly at the beach for a price ranging from Rs.500/- to Rs.800/- per person and includes safety gears, equipment rentals and briefing of activity.

Backwater Kayaking at Sylvan Siridao in Goa

Mangrove Kayaking trip in Goa

Sylvan Siridao is a one-stop destination for all adventure seekers and water fanatics. Goa has hidden spots that are not explored by everyone. Every location has a different charm of its own if you can see it. Kayaking is one of the ways through which oneself gets a chance to become one with nature and enjoy the serenity. There is beauty in the peace as well. Hence, to experience all of it you must try Kayaking at the backwaters of Sylvan Siridao.

  • Location: The kayaking happens through the backwaters of the Zuari River which is also famous for its spectacular view during the sunsets.
  • Pricing: To book your tour, you need to be at least 4 members in a group. The charges of a group of 4 members would be starting from Rs.5500/- to Rs.7500/- which includes 3 hours kayaking with snacks and refreshments, safety equipment, and kayaks. Before commencing the tour, a briefing session would be held.
  • Book Online – Check Pricing 


Above mentioned are the top five tours of Kayaking in Goa and there are many more to list. Do not forget to do your homework before enrolling yourself for any tour with any tour operator. Also, ensure that you have your sunglasses, hats/caps, sunscreen lotions, etc with you. Do not wear loose clothing as you may not feel comfortable during the activity.

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