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About Us

Our focus is to deliver high-quality facilities to our guests. Also, the comfort of our guests is taken care of by our friendly and hospitable staff. We are here to help our guests with their wonderful experience.  

Things to do
Sightseeing Tours

We support and help our guests to undergo the most wonderful venture of their lifetime. With us all you have to do is just relax and have a good time. If you are planning to visit Goa just get ready with your bags, flip-flops, and sunscreen, rest you all have to leave on us.

Goa is a paradise filled with adventures and activities suitable for people of all the age groups. The beautiful beaches of Goa are ultimate destination for a lot of people flying from all over the world.

Seamless Experience

Our online travel booking portal offers an instant reservations, 24×7 interactions with customers, and saves time and money. We help you discover the best offers, exclusive discounts, and flawless online booking experience. We are a tour organizer responsible for guiding and providing you with packages of hotel, transportation, meals and sports activities.

40+ Activities

Goa Water Sports has become a renowned name for organizing best tours and water sports in Goa since 2015. We deliver the best service and experience to travelers flying to Goa. As we believe that the best service and warm welcome with reasonable prices lead to the pleasure and gratification of our visitors, we leave no stone unturned to make this happen.

Our company is Goa’s leading sports company offering 40+ activities for our travelers in water sports and trekking.

Delivering high-quality Service...

Tourists come to visit Goa from all over the world because of its fascinating beaches. These beaches appeal for all the water sports like diving, scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling and so on. We offer an unmatched experience of water sports activities keeping in mind the rejoice and safety of our guests. 

Our travel packages also encompass day tours, waterfall tour, nature tour, trekking and taxi tours for these are the mandatory choices of tourists visiting Goa. All these activities contribute to the enjoyment of tourists.