Water Sports in Goa

Goa is all about water and fun for water lovers. Thalassophiles always make an excuse to dive into the water. The hot summer season and beautiful beaches obviously call for some interesting water sports in Goa. We have a list of water activities for all the water lovers that are so much fun to do. Seawater is always an attraction for its lovers. They always get curious when they come near the sea and eagerly want to know about the life of aquatic creatures. In our watersports package, you get to do many activities like:

Water Sports Price List 

Water sports Activities will cost you between 249 to 1599 rupees per person (as on January 2022). and if you want a combo deal of watersports activities would be approx Rs. 1599 rupees (Updated on January 2022).   

List of Water Sports in Goa


Jet Ski in Goa

Availability : October to May
Extinguish your hunger for experience and rush by encountering the Jet Skiing water sport at Calangute, Baga and Anjuna which is specially designed for speed darlings. This activity emerges among the most energizing and stimulating water recreations. The normal intensity of a Jet Ski is 100-135 hp and the advantage of this machine is that you don't need to be
parasailing in Calangute, goa

Parasailing in Goa

Availability : October to April
All the experience sports exercises in Goa are exceptionally elating and parasailing is considered as one such action. In the event that you are a ride searcher with a gutsy streak, at that point satisfy the experience addict in you to feel the paradise on earth with parasailing at Calangute beach in Goa which gives you sufficient open doors with
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Watersports Package in Goa

Availability : October to April
Why enjoy one when Goa offers a plethora of watersports activities under one package. Ideal for a group of friends or a big family, this combination of sports allows you to spend quality time on Goan waters by availing a 2-hour package starting from Rs 1599 as you explore more during a fun-filled adventure ride. The best part is you

Flyboarding in Goa

Availability : 365 Days
North Goa
Flyboarding is an all-exciting water sports which takes your experience to an unheard level. This daredevilry is done in the lovely Chapora River in North Goa which is considered as the hub of Flyboarding sport. Your adrenaline will come hurrying as at no other time and you will feel the butterflies in your stomach while you play out the hero

Scuba Diving at Grand Island

Availability : Oct to April
Dive Center
Scuba diving around Grand Island in Goa is supposed to be a top-notch experience with divers being allowed to go down as deep as 20m. This is done by maintaining a 5 individuals: 5 instructors’ ratio, thus lending a personal touch. Grand Island dives will guarantee you will see a variety of colorful fish and the biggest assuring factor is
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Bumper Boat Ride Water Sports Goa

Scuba Diving with Water Sports – Malvan Package

Availability : October to May
Engage in Scuba Diving along the western coasts of Goa and feel special as you blend yourself with the marine partners in the ocean below. The expert guides will go with you and will demonstrate to you how to dive and view the magnificent and colorful corals and amphibian life underneath the water. Along with Scuba Diving, you can opt
scuba diving trip at malvan

Scuba Diving in Malvan

Availability : Oct to May
From Hotel
Scuba Diving at Malvan includes 10-15 minutes of diving with expert where you will be briefed about Scuba Diving. Engaging in underwater photography and taking videos are complementary to your package. We offer a pick-up and drop facility in a shared vehicle while Life jackets and the instructor will be included in the package. This activity is priced at Rs
Adventure Boat trip Fun activities

Adventure Boat Trip – Goa

Availability : 365 Days
Get aboard Goa’ popular Adventure Boat Cruise and enjoy the sights and sounds of Goa off Miramar beach. Indulge into all the adventure activities, meals, snacks, ride to Aguada cove and sip in your beers in just a four-hour cruise ride. Trips mostly include only water sports and sightseeing but here adventure sports are complimentary inclusions. Popular sightseeing locations include
Banana Ride in Goa

Banana Ride in Goa

Availability : October to May
Enjoy the unique and thrilling Banana boat ride on Goa's clear waters and under blue skies and high speeds that will keep you captivated and energized in yearning for a greater amount of this 10-minute extravaganza. An inflatable splendid yellow boat, shaped like a banana is utilized and it is connected to a speed watercraft. A maximum of six individuals

Speed Boat Ride in Goa

Availability : Oct - April
Calangute, Baga, Candolim
Ideal for a group of 5 to 6 people, this watersports activity is a hit among friends and family alike. Rides are available along the Candolim, Calangute and Baga belt with rates starting from Rs 2699 per person while the operator permits a minimum of six people onboard a speedboat. This joy ride is 5 minutes of pure thrill and

River Rafting in Goa

For those who love the thrills and spills of water rafting, River Mhadei located in Valpoi, Sattari (north Goa), is one of the coolest places to visit. The surrounding Vagheri hills and Chorla ghats are best suited for trekking and hiking as well. The rafting begins at 8am and ends at 5pm. You can spend quality time for 2 hrs

Bumper Boat Ride in Goa

Availability : Oct to April
Calangute, Baga, Candolim, Anjuna
As thrilling as any other watersport activity, Bumper Boat ride can be an intimidating experience for beginners. Travelers are fascinated while riding on a donut-like air-filled tubes as they set off on an exciting ride in the confines of a clear ocean. The fundamental point is to hold tight as long as you can in this air filled cylinder while

Jetlev Flyer in Goa

Availability : Oct to May
Jetlev Flyer is the latest addition to the long list of adventure watersports in Goa. This concept is a German invention where instructors will fly with you by handling the Jetlev Flyer - a water-propelled jet pack powered through a floater while you will be harnessed to the machine ensuring that safety is given top priority. It's a noiseless ride

Sunset Kayaking in Goa

Availability : October to May
Kayaking is soon becoming a popular watersport activity in Goa. Here's a chance to discover the traveller in you and go sunset kayaking on the Bambolim beach while giving yourself a chance to appreciate Mother Nature's ultimate creation. This activity is best enjoyed on beaches which are less crowded and Bambolim is one such beach renowned for being partly sandy

Water Sports in South Goa

Availability : October to May
A wide range of water sports activities available in South Goa. There are various packages available that ensure fun rides with proper safety measures. There are different packages that you can choose from as per your requirements.
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scuba diving-at-grand-island-goa

Scuba diving with Water Sports Package in Goa

Availability : October to April
At Grande Island, you are also offered with a combo package as aforementioned. This deal of scuba Diving with Watersports package includes Jetski, bumper ride, Banana ride, parasailing & Speedboat. You need not worry about the safety measures as all the Watersports and other activities are performed under the supervision of our trained experts. It is available for everyone above

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    Questions & Answer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I wear for water sports in Goa ?

    In Goa, all you need is comfortable wet wear (swimsuit) and a life jacket to wear along with it for safety. If you are a male, then T-shirt, shorts will be perfect to wear for such an activity, but not without a pair of comfortable shoes. Towel, sunglasses, sun cream and hat are a few more things to bring along with you.

    Which beaches are good for water activities in Goa?

    Best Beach in Goa for Water Sports :

    In North Goa – Calangute Beach, Baga beach, and Candolim Beach are the most popular beaches for Water Sports in North Goa. From jet skiing, Parasailing, Bumper boat and banana ride to catamaran sailing and surfing, you will get to indulge in all such activities there. Dona Paula, Anjuna also a good choice for Adventure Lovers.

    In South Goa – Colva Beach, Mobor beach, Majorda beach, and Agonda are available with the best options for water sports in South Goa.

    What is the best time for water sports in Goa?

    The best time for adventure sports in Goa is from the month of October up to May when the weather is mild, the sky is clear and blue, and the water feels calm. However, it is advised to avoid parasailing and windsurfing during strong winds. Similarly, it’s unsafe to try activities like windsurfing and jet skiing during high tide in Goa.

    What is the minimum age for watersports?

    One should be 16 or more (carrying valid Identity proof) to rent and use water sports equipment including jet skis, windsurfs, surfboards, kayaks, etc.
    However, there is no clear statement regarding the minimum age required for activities like a banana ride. Anyone under 10 years will be debarred from water sports like scuba diving.

    Do you provide photos & videos during watersports ?

    Yes, we offer the complimentary option of taking photos and capturing videos during your water activities. While with others, it might cost you something extra and will go to professional photographers specifically hired for this purpose.

    Do you provide transport (pick up) from Hotel ?

    We offer Transportation from Hotel to the Pickup point (on Selected Tours Or Activities)
    There are some hotels in Goa offering free airport transportation i.e. pick-up/drop-off facilities for tourists and you can grab on to such amazing deals. However, other hotels in Goa often charge a minimum fee for their airport transfer from/to hotel. So, make sure to check thoroughly the transfer options before booking your stay in Goa.

    Do you accept credit cards?

    Credit cards are usually accepted for booking your Goa tour, hotel stay, and more. However, an additional percentage will be charged for an online payment made through a credit card. All leading Goa travel agencies accept payments through credit cards, Debit Cards, online bank transfers, wallet options, and more. So, do check for all the payment options before picking one.

    Will I get wet during water rides?

    While taking water rides such as jet skiing, banana ride, bumper ride, boat ride, you may get wet, so make sure you carry a towel and an extra piece of clothes to change later. The water will splash on you, making you all wet as you set on the speedy water ride across the Goa beaches.

    What are precautions for water sports?

    We agree that watersports can turn out to be dangerous at some places in Goa. There are some water sports safety precautions acknowledged by the Goa government that are neither strictly followed by travel operators nor they are what foreigners are familiar with. The water sports organizers provide you with a life jacket that is not of high quality. So be careful and make safety your top priority before opting for any risky water sports.

    What are the watersports hours of operation in Goa?

    There is a specific time of the year like January-April and September-December, which are considered best for beach water sports activities. Almost all of such activities are preferably performed during the daytime starting from 9:00 AM in the morning to 5:00 PM in the evening.

    Can non-swimmers participate watersports ?

    You don’t need to be a swimmer to participate in water activities. With expert instructors, you can still enjoy certain activities like banana boat rides, kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving, and more even if you are hydrophobic or don’t know to swim. So just chill out as you have options too as a non-swimmer.

    How safe are water activities?

    Remember that the safety feature might be ignored when the price of water sports activities in Goa is cheaper than your expectation. So, you need not have to go ahead with it especially when children and women accompany you. If any travel operator offers better safety by providing basic tools including lifejackets, oars, and paddles, you should think of spending a few more bucks for enjoyment as well as safety.