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Goa Nightlife Guide 2020 – Best Experience to enjoy Goa’s Night Life


Goa is the first thing that strikes every person’s mind who intends to gain some fun. It’s the best destination that allows the visitors to fill up their senses with utmost charm and delight. Whether it’s the day time or night, it has always been a place packed with many intriguing activities. You can enjoy the sandy beaches during days and dance to the beats of the clubs at night.

For anyone who is looking for an escapade from his/her mundane life should head towards the amazing Goa! The city has a lively aura throughout the day but, the best fun starts right when the sun sets in. There are plenty of things prevalent in Goa that you can enjoy at the fullest at night. These include beachside parties, fancy restaurants, and other amazing boisterous clubs! 

Get set to feel the positive energizing vibes of Goa while being a part of its vibrant nightlife! Below are some commendable things that you should surely try out while being here. Have a look: 

Dance out loud in Goa’s nightclubs


Are you a dire lover of dancing? If yes, then nothing would suit you as much as the nightclubs in Goa. The Goa’s nightclubs are packed with abundant fun, and they are surely going to facilitate you with the best time of your life. You wouldn’t even be able to stop your feet from heading towards these places. 

Here, you can have some food, enjoy some vodka shots, and dance like none is watching! These nightclubs are no less than satisfactory for anyone who needs to enjoy as much as he wants. Different clubs in Goa that are way too renowned include Club Cubana, Club Tito’s, Café Mambo, the Alcove, and various others. Following list of best Night Clubs in Goa.

Night Clubs in North Goa (Updated February 2020)

  • Tito’s Bar and Club – Baga | 6pm – 3pm | ₹1500 for 2
  • Antares – Vagator | 12 noon – 12am | ₹1800 for 2
  • Club Cubana – Anjuna | 9.30 – 4am | Entry ₹2,500 approx for two
  • LPK Riverfront – Nerul | ₹1500 for 2
  • Shiva Valley – Anjuna Beach | 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM | ₹1000 for 2
  • SinQ Night Club – Candolim | 7 PM to 3 AM | Entry ₹1800 for 2
  • Cafe Mambos – Baga | 6 pm – 4am | Cost ₹1800 for 2
  • Curlies – Anjuna | 8:00am – 3am | ₹1500 for 2
  • Nyex – Anjuna | 5 pm – 4 am | Cost ₹1500 for 2
  • Hilltop – Anjuna | 1 pm–4 am Only on Sunday
  • UV Bar – Anjuna | all day | Cost ₹1500 for 2
  • Cape Town Cafe – Baga | 6 PM – 4 AM | ₹1000 for 2

Night Clubs in South Goa

  • Silent Noise Club – Palolem | 7 pm to 2 am
  • HIC – Mazorda | 8:00 PM – 5.00 AM | ₹1000 for 2
  • Leopard Valley – Palolem | |
  • Liquid Lounge – Majorda | 7:00 pm – 12:00 am | ₹1800 for 2
  • Ziggy Club at Colva | 7:15 pm – 12:00 am | ₹900 for 2
  • Boomerang – Colva | 8:15 pm – 12:00 am | ₹1500 for 2

Indulge in stargazing

If you are fond of some serene moments and a calm environment, you can be a part of stargazing in Goa. This destination is definitely a ‘place to be’ for any person who needs to have some peaceful time. Sit under the sky filled up with stars and feel free to gaze such beauty for as long as you want it to be. 

You can stay with your friend, loved one or even you can spend your time alone while having a look at the beautiful dark sky. It’s a tranquil space totally meant for you! Apart from that, if you prefer to indulge in the long silent walks during the night, you can do the same here! Move to the Fort Aguada or at the Lovers beach, where you can be a part of such walks with your better half. 

Enjoy the food at the beach shacks

Dinner at beach shacks, Goa - Beach
Dinner on beach shacks, Goa – Photo: Debojyoti Das

Goa is continually acted as a sheath to various activities that are worthy of ‘not being missed out.’ While being here, you should know that you have already attained a plethora of reasons to fall in love with Goa. For every foodie, who is not only focused on food but also on the aura, can visit the beach shacks in Goa. 

Each and every pristine beach in Goa has multiple shacks of its own! You may visit them and taste the scrumptious Goan cuisines. How perfect would it be, have some tasty food while having a look at the serene appeal of the Goan beaches! You can have a good time with your travel mates here and never leave dissatisfied. Following Beach, shakes are popular in Goa. 

Party with all your heart in the cruises

Dinner Cruise in Goa
Dinner Cruise in Goa – Photo: Goa Boat Cruise

The boats of Goa have always been the most preferred choice for every kind of traveler! If you are alone here, you are surely going to make good friends here. If you are with your travel mates, it’s quite sure that you will experience the best time of your life. Well, here we are not uttering about those small boats! What all we are mentioning about are those massive and way too gigantic multi-storeyed cruises. 

They look way too beautiful since they are all dolled up with lightings and decorations during the night. Here, you can witness the enjoyable dances of Goa, delectable cuisines, and have some alcohols as per your needs. Not to forget about the scenic sunset views that you can witness from here! The fresh air of the ocean and the soothing music blessing your ears are a perfect treat for every traveler. 

Fun time at the Casinos

Casino in Goa - Nightlife Guide

Your trip to Goa surely lies incomplete if you haven’t yet experienced the fun in Casinos here. Gambling is undoubtedly legal in Goa, and you can be its part with the help of intriguing Casinos. You are going to spot many offshore as well as onshore casinos at midnight in Goa. 

If you are a dire fan of Gambling, then you should head towards the offshore casinos since they’ll get you the real game! On mentioning the onshore games, you are going to get facilitated with the electronic games. Gambling becomes way more interesting if you are its part in Goa!

Strolling amidst the intriguing markets

Photo: Andrey

Want to eat, shop and chill as much as you can? If yes, then you can stroll amidst the night bazaars of Goa! These places are way too intriguing, and they contain many items that you can purchase and take back home. The flea markets in Goa have been a dream come true for a good number of shopaholics. Followings are popular Markets in Goa

  • Anjuna Market,
  • Arpora’s Saturday Night Market,
  • Mapusa’s Friday Market,
  • Calangute Bazaar,

and many others. These remain open for public access right from November till April. The prices of the items are quite reasonable and you may also try out your skills in bargaining here! 

Goa completely becomes alive at night! Its nightlife is highly responsible for attracting a huge chunk of the tourist population annually. The experiences mentioned above are surely going to provide you a unique holiday experience. You won’t even get to know how your time shall fly while you are spending your days in this heart-stealing destination.