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Fly Dining in Goa

Availability : Oct - May
Min Age : 10 Year+

FlyDining is a luxurious and extravagant eating experience that mixes adventure with exquisite dining. Fly dining Goa brings this one of a kind dining experience to the people of Goa. Sky Dining (FlyDining) is tailor-made for you if you’re seeking an exquisite dining experience that will leave you elevated! Now combine food and adventure in a way never seen before. Make your way to the gardens at Grand Hyatt Goa to experience Goa’s first sky dining experience, a unique concept that has made its way to the sunny coasts of Goa.

The 160-foot-high floating in the sky dining experience blends the five-star resort’s luxurious dining with spectacular views of the state’s beautiful coast. The table turns 360 degrees, allowing you to enjoy an aerial view while enjoying your excellent food. If you want to make your journey even more thrilling, recline your four strapped seats to 180 degrees and feel you’re on a roller coaster at an amusement park.

Safety Measures 

Fly dining in Goa is built to German and international safety requirements to ensure the safety of its consumers. Now you can appreciate the beauty of Goa’s beaches from 160 feet above the ground while eating your favorite cuisine.

Dining Menu 

The three-course meal experience is available for breakfast, high tea, sundowners, and dinner, with food prepared by Grand Hyatt Goa’s skilled culinary team. The event has a maximum capacity of 24 seats and includes live music performances, a professional photographer, as well as a four-person service team to ensure a safe and pleasant experience. Before you board, you can choose your 5-course meal from the vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus.

Of course, this may feel like light paragliding, except you’ll be floating while eating paneer skewers/chicken skewers or spaghetti Bolognese /chicken pasta in white sauce. You can choose from Watermelon Mojito, Lemon Mojito, or Blackcurrant Mojito among the mocktails included in the bundles. A dessert is included with the dinner menu. You may also recline your seat to 180 degrees after the table is suspended for a spectacular perspective!

Cost & Timing

The Fly Dining cost is totally worth it as there just isn’t any experience like it. The price per person varies from INR 3500 and 8000 and also depends on your time slot. The sunset session, timing at 5:45-6:30 pm, is considered to be the most spectacular. Imagine sipping your favorite cocktail with a splendid meal, enjoying a view of the world-famous sunsets of GOA. Although, the dinner meal is one of a kind romantic experience to share with your partner or loved ones and could cost you around 8,000 INR. Get ready to experience the best fly dining experience in GOA at pocket-friendly prices. 

How to Book ?

To join in this flight of fantasy, you must reserve a table for yourself and your loved ones two hours before your preferred time slot. Then choose a meal of your choice from your time slot menu and prepare for a high-flying fine dining experience. Imagine feeling the breeze in your hair while witnessing a live mocktail being made while being surrounded by palm-tree-lined tree-lined coastlines and breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea.

Make the special moment yours, and You can also book the entire experience for casual parties, Anniversary parties, Office parties and special romantic proposals as well. Make your Fly dining Booking today and experience dining in a hanging restaurant while enjoying the scenic view.

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