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The Revised Covid-19 Guidelines While You Travel To Goa

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We all know that the recent covid-19 pandemic has altered each and every situation in this whole wide world. There are numerous restrictions that we all need to follow to save ourselves from the virus and infection. It is not a temporary affair that will vanish after some time; we need to cope up with it and move on. In the same way, the tourism industry cannot sit back and relax. It is because travel has become an essential part of our lives now.

We also cannot sit in our homes and fret on the thought of a probable third wave of the pandemic. Travel is part and parcel of all our lives, and we need to get on with it. You just need to follow the precautionary measures in an accurate way. If you are planning to travel to Goa recently, you need to know about the restrictions imposed on the state as such.

Recently, there have been a lot of changes to the rules imposed on Goa tourism as a whole. Here are all that you need to know about the recent covid-19 regulations imposed by the Goa government, which specifically targets the tourism aspects in Goa:

About Negative RT-PCR test result or a vaccination report:

As the covid-19 pandemic is slowly rendering its devastating effects on all of us, we have come to terms with definite aspects like quarantine, covid-19 vaccines, RT-PCR tests, sanitization, and so much more. Recently. Chief Minister of Goa, Shri Pramod Sawant, has announced that tourists or any outsider entering Goa need to show a negative RT-PCR test result at the airport.

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If not, they can show documents that prove that they are fully vaccinated against the covid-19 disease. This is declared, keeping in mind the safety of each and every individual involved in tourism aspects for the time being. As the festive seasons are approaching, you need to be extra careful about your safety from the infectious Coronavirus.

Local scenario with respect to covid-19:

goa covid 19 tourist information

Goa, as such, is recording about 100 fresh cases of the covid-19 disease on a daily basis. It is an average estimation based on the RT-PCR tests that are carried out regularly.

Owing to the ‘Tika Utsav’ in Goa, a considerable number of the locals have been vaccinated to prevent further outbreaks of the infection.

Currently, people aged 18-44 years are being vaccinated on a regular basis in Goa. The Goa government had set a target of vaccinating all the locals with at least the first dose, and they are almost towards achieving this aim soon.

Guidelines to follow:


There is nothing new to the rule as such. You need to follow the existing guidelines, wear your mask and face shields and maintain social distancing in order to be safe and aware. Make sure you have your RT-PCR tests done utmost a week ahead of your trip to Goa, in case you are not fully vaccinated.

The virus is indeed deadly and requires utmost concern to be prevented. Only then will you be able to enjoy a pleasurable trip to Goa while also remaining safe and sound.

Government rules and regulations:

  • The Goa Government has imposed certain restrictions on the Goa tourism aspects to curb the spread of the pandemic. Firstly, all the casinos, restaurants, and bars shall not remain open all at the same time. Moreover, deadlines for them to shut down at night have also been provided. They need to open with 50% capacity to avoid overcrowding.
  • The river cruises and entertainment parks have also been imposed with various restrictions that need to be followed. It is true that the grandeur and supreme look of Goa is a bit off at this time, but it surely will not hamper your plans of visiting the famous places here. So, visit soon and take part in adventurous sports soon, in order to enjoy an unforgettable experience.


Major Upcoming Concerns Regarding The Pandemic

The tourism industry has suffered much throughout the past two years as such, and it definitely needs a revamp as soon as possible. It is in accordance with how badly everyone needs a vacation to distract themselves from these tough times. It is true that you must stay at home to prevent the further spread of the virus, but it surely cannot go on for so long. You need to adopt effective safety precautions while visiting Goa so that you can safely enjoy a short trip ahead.

The third wave is already starting to emerge higher in Kerala, and it shall soon engulf the whole of the country as such. As children are expected to be affected the most during this wave of the pandemic, you need to make sure that your child is safe. Follow the guidelines with utmost care and detail, and ensure that you take all the necessary precautions. It will help you remain unaffected by the deadly pandemic situation right now.

Final Note To All

You need to realize that the time is not right for any of us to rejoice in the mirth of blessings as of now. However, it is also true that the pandemic cannot go on like this forever. We all need to gather our patience and do the needful. Follow the guidelines imposed by the Indian Government as well as the Goa Government while you visit Goa.

goa covid19_vaccination_center

Preferably, vaccinate yourself before venturing out into any new prospect as of now. Take good care of your family and near and dear ones. Times are tough for all of us, but we shall together pass through this very soon. Enjoy a pleasurable trip to Goa and bask in the glory of the water adventures here. Follow the restrictions imposed by the government, and enjoy amidst all this. Time shall pass and make way for new beginnings. Till then, cheer up and adopt a lively mood to visit Goa soon.