Goa Water Sports

Best  scuba dive Packages in goa


You will be provided with all equipment you need for scuba diving. The package includes 45 min training in the swimming pool. The piece of this package starts from 4199 per person. The dive duration is 20 minutes which an instructor supervises.

Grand Island Diving

Professional Diving with Pool Training 

BAT Island Diving

Enjoy scuba diving with aquatic animals and multiple watersports activities. Bat island scuba diving includes meals, pick up and drop, activities, and a guide.   Timing: 15- 20 min.  Price: 1550 per person.

Enjoy the exciting scuba diving experience are such a gorge island in goa. This package provides all the safety gear and an experienced professional to accompany the dive.  Training: Offer pre-pooled training  Price: 3499 per person.

Scuba diving at Sao Gorge island in goa 

Experience thrilling Scuba diving with the baina beach scuba diving package. These packages include multiple watersports activities and complimentary photos and videos.  Training: Offer pre-pooled training  Price: 1400 per person.

Scuba diving + Water Sports at Baina Beach

This package includes 10 minutes of scuba training and 10-15 min scuba diving. The cost of this package is around 1599. This includes Water Sports, meals, a diving session, safety equipment, photo & video, and transportation from the hotel.

Scuba diving in Malvan & Tarkali

Goa has space for every sort of adventure lover. You can always get an affordable package for yourself and your gang, no matter your budget.